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Transparency in booking through CargoAi’s CargoQUALITY

Transparency in booking through CargoAi’s CargoQUALITY

CargoAi revolutionises air cargo booking with the introduction of CargoQUALITY on its CargoMART platform, Matt Petot, CEO, CargoAi, said. The new feature provides forwarders with real-time performance transparency, empowering them to make booking decisions based on the airlines’ quality performance alongside price and capacity information. “CargoQUALITY provides accurate, recent, and up-to-date quality information, eliminating the need for intuition in purchasing decision,” Petot said. CargoQUALITY leverages data from around 100 airlines displayed on CargoMART, tracking millions of air waybills over the past year.

This enables CargoAi to calculate Quality scores per airline per route, offering historical reports for users to assess performance over time and compare with other airlines on the same route. With CargoQUALITY and other innovative offerings, CargoAi aims to streamline procurement processes and foster sustainability in global freight operations.



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